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Bioassays Care

Normally, in peacetime, Hospital's emergency departments are functioning according to pre-established procedures and even when saturated by patients, their specialized services can take care with good result of the day to day situation and overcome the pressure.

In case of war or terrorism situations, hospitals or health centers are confronted with a sudden and unexpected arrival of a great number of wounded persons, often multi-injured with war wounds affecting limbs or vital organs. In this kind of crisis situation, every decision can save a life or not... Only multidisciplinary surgeons highly trained will be able to face this type of extreme situation.

Bioassays Care form to war surgery and the care of wounded by terrorist acts.

You are surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, medical and para - medical , you carry aid to civilians , our training activities provide you the necessary basis for the rapid evacuation of victims and multiple injuries surgery caused by projectiles , explosives, and other weapons causing massive destruction of soft tissues and bones.

Provide surgical assistance and new knowledge to local teams

Since over ten years, we did provide medical and surgical assistance to populations victims of war, violence or very often deprived of normal health care.

We have been teaching local surgical teams to manage high urgency medical situations with efficiency and to operate on multi-injured persons to stabilize their vital functions, giving them a chance to save their lives.

Welcoming the wounded persons, operate in a war or terrorism situation

Nous organisons à travers le monde des forums de formation à la chirurgie d’urgence et à la chirurgie de guerre.

Our courses are for all medical personnel who could be called one day to care for wounded war or acts of terrorism. They provide surgical techniques necessary for the treatment of war wounds and were organized to facilitate the decision of the medical team .

Our training sessions

training of the rotator cuff

Injuries caused by explosives or weapons of war

It is recognized that in our world plagued by a multitude of local armed conflicts, deadly international terrorist actions, no place is secure anymore and the medical community has to be fully prepared to the worse.

In this viewpoint, we organize worldwide several seminars focusing on advanced surgical methods to treat bone traumas and to practice reconstructive limbs surgeries.

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We train general surgeons and medical teams to war surgery and bone trauma.